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The exquisiteness of Copenhagen town is exhibited with the presence of coastal attractions and beaches as well. The southerly beaches include the Amager Strandpark and the Sydstranden. There are also beaches on the northern side of Copenhagen e.g. Charlottenlund and the Klampenborg where a tourist can take an excursion since they are linked with appealing attractions, eateries as well as small gift shops. In case you have a huge number of family plus children, you can opt for a day excursion to the original Legoland located in Billund.  The main attractions found in the Oresund also harbors major tourist attractions where one can take an excursion for a few days in order to relax and take your mind off a nagging issue. Some of the attractive sites that you can take an excursion in Copenhagen include the following.

  • Dragor : This is located on the southern shore of the Amager Island which is to the east of Zealand. Taking an afternoon excursion in the famous Dragor is a remarkable experience. On the waterfront around the Dragor, you will find several smokehouses as well as fishing boats which will enhance your excursion to be a success. On the other hand, you can make an excursion to the famous Dragor Museum which is located just around the Dragor harbor. In addition, you can make your tour more interesting by taking photos of various sights e.g. the mustard colored houses located within the town region.
  • Charlottenlund : Having its location on the north of Copenhagen and close by to the Oresund, it is a prosperous suburb entailing several coastal attractions. The presence of Charlottenlund sandy beach and a fort provides a spectacular site for you to enjoy your excursion by dining and at the same time enjoying the fabulous sea scenes.
  • Klampenborg : If you are eager to meet with other day trippers, you should make an excursion in the popular Klampenborg. Using about twenty minutes to get there by rail or train, you will be treated to sandy stretches of Bellevue Beach which is usually packed with sunbathers especially during the sunny summer seasons. You will also get to taste all the eateries that are found there, gift shops where you can purchase different products and to climax it all, entertainment which will give a soothing aspect to your tired nerves and body. The best thing about this attraction is that it is opened 24hrs and the admission is absolutely free.
  • Frendensborg : If you are in dire need of a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, think no further but for Frendensborg. Being a royal castle located in the lakeside town, it attracts many tourists who believe that it is the best spot for their excursion. However, if you want to make an interior excursion of this castle, you should do it on July since it is the month chosen by its royal residents for taking their summer holidays.
  • Billund : Considered the best place for taking an excursion based on fun-filled theme park in form of fast rollers, merry go rounds, various restaurants, banks and hotels. The main attraction here is the Lego blocks which gives the tourist a best excursion theme.

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